Our Services

We are the experts in the vehicle cleaning industry

The only commercial vehicle cleaning programme that is consistently successful is a pre-planned regular frequency schedule operated by PVC Vendo. We have all the necessary qualifications and we are recognised as the experts in the industry, with 40 years of success as an independent service provider to the road transport professional. Contact us now for more information on our vehicle cleaning services.

Why our service is undoubtedly the foremost

Every branch is personally and meticulously managed by a "hands-on" franchisee. A person that has undergone a PVC Vendo selection process, which takes three months on average, and has completed an extensive and rigorous training programme. A person that has invested a considerable sum of his own money to open his own PVC Vendo branch. Employed staff are constantly supervised by each branch franchisee and also regional quality control management. Contact us now to try our professionally provided services for four weeks.

Waste collection

We have extensive experience in the thorough exterior powerwashing of these specialised, varying types of vehicle, e.g. rear end loaders, refuse, roll-on-roll-off, front end loaders, tanker gulley emptying vehicles, skip trucks etc.
As most of these vehicles operate on land-fill sites, the lower vehicle areas become heavily soiled. Regular powercleaning greatly reduces the throw-off of soil onto public highways and enhances the operators name and presentation appearance.

Tankers - rigid and tank trailers

Oil, spirit, gases, food products, chemicals building materials, flour, fuel, etc. We are fully experienced with the external cleaning of tank vehicles, including the safety requirements at spirit terminals.

Bakers - Brewers - Beverages

As the majority of these vehicles are now curtain-sided, brightly sign written and often with a variety of products advertised, it has become essential at all times for these vehicles to be in a clean presentation condition to project the right corporate image.
Curtain-sided vehicles can be more difficult to keep clean, particularly on the highest areas as oil and grease from the slide rails continually require elbow grease. Also, often the lower exterior chassis accessories, fuel tank and wheels become neglected. With our regular, quality services the problems above are eliminated.

Parcel collection and delivery

Usually collection and delivery vehicles are operational from quite early in the morning until evening, with no time for washing during the week. Our vehicle cleaning services are available outside your working hours, which will guarantee a high standard of vehicle presentation at all times. If all your existing costs for vehicle washing are considered it will be found that our high quality services are at lower cost.

Food-carrying vehicles

We offer hygiene and sanitation services for food-carrying vehicles, including the load carrying area and oil leakage removal from refrigeration units.

Security and prisoner

The largest and best known cash transporters use our services to regular frequencies. Prisoner-carrying vehicles can be cleaned inside and outside.

General haulage

We offer professional vehicle cleaning services for general haulage vehicles, including tractors, trailers and rigids (curtain / hard).

Refrigerated vehicles

We offer professional vehicle cleaning services for all refrigerated vehicles, including rigids, trailers and shop delivery vans.

Dedicated distribution

At a time when a company is considering contracting out their distribution, it is of assistance to distribution contractors to include a full specification for vehicle cleaning presentation appearance, carried out by PVC Vendo who are known throughout the transport industry for their quality and workmanship.
Experienced personnel in transport know that the only long term solution, without excuses and continual aggravation, is to contract out vehicle powerwashing. With our company undertaking this operation the customers' clean vehicles seen all the time by Directors and Management help toward a transport contract renewal. This low cost, pre-planned service is available on any day and time - no fuss, no bother - we just get on with the job. Contact us now for more information on our vehicle cleaning services.